What is a Blog and a Characteristic Feature of the Blog

A blog is actually the name of an import card, the main character of which is yourself. If the style is friendly rather than exhilarating, the reader feels as if someone is holding their hands over their shoulders, whispering in their ears. In this way he is persuaded and impressed; and one of the catchy threads is tied to the blog writer.

If you can build this bond, then of course you have the potential to become a good blogger. Mr. Yashishbir, Mr. Syed Qasim Mahmood, in his youth, wrote a legend “Lal Girgabi Couple”. And one day, he told me that for the sake of this one story, he would sit at a nearby cobbler’s shop for at least two hours a day, so that the dialogue between the chapels in his fiction could be colored.

Perhaps this principle also comes true on a good blog, as a good blogger, like a novelist, raises the yeast of his blog from the surrounding society. The deeper and deeper the look of society, the more lively, standard and captivating a heart is.

A Characteristic Feature of the Blog

It’s also not in robotic language. From newspaper headlines to columnists’ columns, it is always seen that the author does not address. Tie up information, arguments and details that break before the eye is set.

The New Order of Audience Generation has eroded this concept over a decade ago. Not in Urdu, not in English. But so much has changed. Writer and reader. And this change puts the whole tree behind it. It has a thorough history in its social and psychological values. The interest of writing, which is now demanding, must be such that its value period is low but revenue is generated.

Blog is very important for new writers. Who says blogs, writing bloggers and writing articles, columns, articles are called blogs. Blogs also have their own style. But it is the only thing that is written. When there were no newspapers and facilities, the new writers would write something on their own and then they would credit their blog and then update it on their own website. However, at this time we have various social websites which is a good forum to get used to our blog. Many websites have created a blog section of their own. All we have to do is write our blog, or blog, and post it for publishing.

Some Information About Writing A Blog

People do not understand what to write and where to start when writing on the blog I think the first step is to just take action. Other blogs and readers’ comments or comments explain what to write. One of the best ways to start blogging is to give simple words to what you see, what you feel and write a blog. Suppose you’ve seen an accident or seen something unique. Now what do you conclude from that accident or something unique? Why did this happen? What were the motivations behind it? Think about the impact you and others have had on it and more.

This is how you gradually experience writing a blog. People who are affiliated with a field, try to write mostly about your field, as it will make your writing interesting and you will be able to explain your point of view well. Also, as far as I think, write about common experiences rather than fabricated stories. In one way your experiences and reviews will reach other people and when readers give comments or comments you will see many other aspects of the picture. That will make your thinking more solid.

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